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Experience has shown that it really isn’t possible to cover all the issues and questions people have at the same time! The approach in Alpha is therefore to take a different topic each week and use that as a “loose” theme for questions and discussion that week. What we find is that over 10 weeks most people’s questions get a good airing, even if they are not specifically covered under one of the topic headings. What we also find is that plenty of new questions arise that hadn’t been considered before!

The 10 topics for Alpha@COSTA will probably be: 

Week 1: Introduction – Does God exist? 


Week 2: Who is/was Jesus?

Week 3: Why did Jesus die - 1? 

Week 4: Why did Jesus die - 2? 

Week 5: What is “faith”? 

Week 6: What is the Bible and why should we trust it? 

Week 7: Who is the Holy Spirit? 

Week 8: What about the Church? 

Week 9: Subjects chosen by guests


Week 10: Review and personal stories 

A lot of ground can be covered in 10 weeks, but there are always ways in which people can go deeper in their exploration of issues of interest or concern. These include doing some extra reading (we can provide some material and/or references that may be helpful) or arranging times for additional discussions to pick up on specific issues. For example, following the evening on “Who is the Holy Spirit?” (Week 7), we will be arranging an additional session for those who are interested in discovering more about what the Holy Spirit does in the life of someone who has put their faith in Jesus. More about this nearer the time!

If you would like to come along to the next Alpha course, it would really help us out if you register your interest through the link below or call us on 01306 877214.

"I went on the Alpha course with an open mind expecting nothing. I still find it hard to take on board the positive difference it's made to my life, marriage and family. The Alpha course helped to look at myself as I really am, and helped me to love and respect other people, even those I considered not my type. Considering how reluctant I was to go, I actually found myself looking forward to the Alpha course each week." Jim, Kent



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